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The Beatles Score Second Consecutive Number One

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May 8, 2013


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The Beatles Score Second Consecutive Number One

She Loves you followed “I Want To Hold Your Hand ” into the number one position.  The Beatles became the first artist since Elvis Presley to have two consecutive number one songs. “She Loves You” is the song most associated with the start of  Beatlemania, in fact it was certified gold in the United Kingdom when the British press coined the term.

Americans first heard “She Loves You” on the Jack Paar show, which aired January 3, 1964.  The  Philadelphia based Swan records owned the rights to “She Loves You” but had no luck promoting it in 1963.   When “I Want To Hold Your Hand” became number one Swan reactivated “She Loves You”.  The single entered the hot 100 at number 69 on January 25, 1964, and succeeded “I Want To Hold Your Hand” at number one eight weeks later.

“She Loves You’ was recorded at Abbey Road studios on July 1, 1963. John and Paul had written the song in a bus while touring.  Paul had originally had an idea of doing an answering song, which eventually became “She Loves You”. The song charted again in June, 1964, when Swan records released a German version of the song called “Sie Liebt Dich” which had been recorded in Paris the previous January.

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